Chez Jasmine
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Self-catering Chalet in the heart of the Mediterranean

Chez Jasmine

Chez Jasmine is basically a doll’s house, tucked away in a flowered courtyard and sheltered by the centuries-old wall surrounding the Baroque church of La Pietà.

The chalet covers three floors and is much appreciated for its seclusion, where the only sounds heard are birdsong and church bells ringing. Its charm lies in its flowered balconies and delightful roof garden, with old wooden beams throughout.

While the chalet is ideal for two, the sofa bed in the living room is perfect for the extra couple.

Historical Context

While in Palermo, the old Arab quarter of the Kalsa is the place in which to experience the vitality and buzz of the town to the full. Today, the old historical centre is being restored to its former glory, after centuries of decay and neglect. You will be ideally located Chez Jasmine to participate in the revelry and popular culture that are a normal feature of everyday life in Palermo, as well as being within a minute or two’s walking distance from the ancient architectural wonders of the old town.

From the seclusion of Chez Jasmine you can take a stroll and enjoy the local gastronomic delights and the art, folklore and history that come together here in the Kalsa to make your stay memorable.

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Roof Garden